When brand Owners, Brady and Jennifer Hayek, first started getting serious about Tequila, two things were evident - their love for the sacred nectar and their relentless search for the perfect blend of Agave.

Using entrepreneurial background and experiences - Jennifer in the Interior Design world including having designed several bars and restaurants and Brady as the owner of several upscale cigar bars among other ventures - the dynamic duo set out with a discerning palate and attention to detail to create their own line of premium Tequila.

The search, while not quick or easy, ultimately led them to Casa Aceves in the highlands of Jalisco. Brady and Jennifer bonded immediately with the Aceves Family, and they worked together to create the vision of their premium Tequila while highlighting the vast heritage and history of women in Tequila.

After a few painstaking years of designing and strategizing their vision became a reality and their Small Batch Reina De La Muerte Tequila was released.